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CIR 2017-19 approval

ISO 9001 certified


BioPreserv offers studies and proposes its services through a microbiological and analytical laboratory, as well as with an in-depth knowledge of regulatory affairs. Control fully the quality of your products and improve your production processes.

BioPreserv laboratoire de biologie à Grasse

Control fully the quality of your products and improve your production processes. Our areas of expertise are cosmetics, detergentsarchitectural materials and veterinary products . Depending on your specific problems, we also offer assistance in other application areas.


  • Perform audits of "industrial hygiene" : microbiological competence.
  • Verify your end-products and raw materials : competence in microbiology and chemistry.
  • Assure your regulatory approach : regulatory competence.
  • Formulate your R&D samples : competence in formulation.


  • Develop the technical support for your customers : competence in chemistry and microbiology.
  • Validate the efficacy of a product by independent laboratory tests : competence in chemistry, physical chemistry and microbiology.
  • Propose post-production microbiological and chemical controls : competence in microbiology and chemistry.
  • Perform industrial hygiene audits for your customers : microbiological competence and expertise in auditing.

Biocide producers

  • Smooth out peaks in activity by running efficacy testing via an independent laboratory.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of key ingredients destined for the development of new products or for regulatory registration (Biocide Regulation BPR)
  • Assist your customers in the formulation of finished products with the expertise of an independent laboratory.

Cosmetic products responsibility

You are a developer, manufacturer, retailer or a sales organisation. With BioPreserv,

  • Secure your Product Information File (Cosmetic Dossier) ; "pre-packaged" or "customised" devlopment, and registration of your products on the CPNP notification portal : competence and expertise in legislation and regulatory affairs.
  • Optimize your R&D prototypes via a CIR qualified independent laboratory : competence in regulatory affairs, chemistry and microbiology.
  • Verify your end products and raw materials under GLP conditions : competence in microbiology and physical chemistry