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CIR 2017-19 approval

ISO 9001 certified


Who are we?

team BioPreserv à Grasse, France

Both Thierry Lacour and Philippe Wetterwald have had the experience of working in a major international company, in which they filled the posts respectively of technical support and regulatory affaires, providing support to manufacturers, distributors and users of biocides. This has given them the insight into the needs and challenges faced by these industries. Preserving products from microbial contamination, and adapting approaches to meet the European Regulations (REACH) : an issue for the future!

Thus the idea of founding BioPreserv was born. This laboratory brings together scientific and regulatory expertise associated with a genuine understanding of industrial and commercial requirements.

Thierry Lacour, microbiologist, has the experience acquired at the University of Kobe, followed by employment with the multinational industrial groups, BASF and Rohm and Haas. Having responsibility for the microbiology and biocidal chemistry laboratory, he was involved in technical support to customers in France and in Europe, and in leading Research and Development projects. In particular, he has been involved in the optimisation of test methods and procedures in order to react to he needs of the market. At Rohm and Haas, he received the Business Impact Award in 2007.

A chemist of renowned expertise, Philippe Wetterwald received the Otto Haas Prize in 1987. With major international experience, he held the post of European Director of product regulatory affairs (health, safety, compliance) at Rohm and Haas. Managing a team of specialists in chemical product regulations, he contributed to the preparation of ISO standards in environmental management. Active in the field of sustainable development, he has been president of the French Ecolabel Committee from 2003 to 2013.