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CIR 2017-19 approval

ISO 9001 certified


BioPreserv propose an integrated service : microbiology, chemistry, regulatory

A single contact coordinates the three topics :

biopreserv sophia antipolis biocide, cosmetic testing, detergent testing

Laboratory testing


  • Efficacy testing, standardised jar and film challenge tests (ISO, CEN, ASTM, NF) or other as specified,
  • Antimicrobial efficacy test of detergent / disinfectant products,
  • Antifouling efficacy test in Laboratory,
  • Microbiological sterility testing, quality control of finished products or raw materials,
  • Identification of microorganisms, molecular biology or biochemistry.


  • Quantification of components in a formulated product (eg. biocides),
  • Chemical stability of biocides or other components,
  • Accelerated temperature ageing,
  • Resistance to weathering.
analysis of cosmetics, R&D, BioPreserv


  • Development of made to measure R&D projects,
  • Analysis of cosmetic information files according to cosmetic regulations.
  • Training on the use of the CPNP, assistance in registering products on the notification portal.
Biopreserv, cosmetic regulations, biocidal products

Regulatory expertise

  • Cosmetic regulations, biocidal products regulations (BPR),
  • Assistance in preparing the dossier:
    • Implementation of "pre-packaged" or "customised" cosmetic dossiers,
    • Assistance in the constitution of biocidal files.